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KINETIC - artwork, live music, and drinks - April 14th 8p

KINETIC - artwork, live music, and drinks - April 14th 8p


Highland Park (April 14th, 2018) On Saturday, April 14th The Hive Los Angeles’ Apiary Gallery at 5670 York Blvd, opens with the kinetic frequencies of Artists’ Corinne Carrey, Daniel Crook and Jasmine Albuquerque. Alongside the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Daniel Crook, DRÆMINGS’ own Kimi Recor and Naomi Greene. Doors open at 8pm during the Highland Park artwalk.


“KINETIC” introduces a multi-artist series whose geomatic and linear pieces hit you with a pendulum of undeniable hypnotic movement. Corinne Carrey, a Los Angeles based artist and designer, takes you into a land of refined precision and celestial geometry. Artist and Choreographer, Jasmine Albuquerque, oscillates from the weight of gravity to the atmospheric potential of imagination. Her work reflects a precise motion and motionless state of the buried unconscious. Daniel Crook, a Los Angeles based artist and musician brings an enchanting element of both the vessel and physical structure of movement and inner illumination as he explores the limitless potential for expression of the human form.


Kimi Recor is the singer and multi-instrumentalist of Los Angeles based DRÆMINGS. A band described as “grave wave creature pop” with intoxicating lyrics and entranced allure.


Naomi Greene has many voices. Whether on harp or on guitar, the transatlantic singer-songwriter performs with mesmerizing rawness and expressivity.


Apiary Gallery is the event space at The Hive Los Angeles hair shops, both which opened in 2008. Since then Apiary has hosted quarterly art openings, music events, and other private events at its Silver Lake location and more recently at its second location in Highland Park. The space prides itself in working with the community and local artists to share their talents in a variety of mediums.

Contact Curator, Theresa Ganser or Gallery Assistant, Ada Karahasanovic at for artist and gallery information. Visit for booking and appointments.

tease. rat. backcomb | By Marie & Ash

tease. rat. backcomb | By Marie & Ash



Whatever you choose to call it, backcombing is a great base for many styles ranging from subtle to extreme. Halloween is just around the corner and although it may seem straight forward, knowing a few tricks can really help you achieve your desired look. When backcombing is done correctly, and with care, you can get maximum volume, drama, and texture while eliminating the risk of damage.


For extra fullness, start by shampooing with Davines VOLU shampoo, towl dry and prep with the VOLU volume mist. Hair must be dried thoroughly before beginning your backcombing. You can choose to utilize your natural texture or play with flat ironing, curling, and crimping.  


If you chose to use irons, we recommend looking back at Tiffany's post on heat styling.


Depending on how fine or wide your comb, combined with how tight the backcomb, you can achieve many looks and varied fullness.


Have fun playing with height and shape.


Here are a couple videos with great tips and techniques to pick and chose from depending on your style goals. 


Lastly, don’t forget to always comb out your style starting from the ends and working up to your root!


Back to School | By Marisa Perrault

Back to School | By Marisa Perrault


Whether you are going back to school or well beyond your school days, it is instinctual for us to crave a fresh start once the summer starts to give way. This back to school season there are a lot of cool hair trends, but most important is that you are playful with your look, try something bold, keep it effortless, and wear it with confidence! 



For the lil' kids:

We are seeing two things this fall for girls in elementary school; either cutting their hair off, or holding onto their extra girly long locks. For the short styles, it's either a chunky bob with cool bangs, or a mod-textured short cut. For the long look, girls are wearing it natural and wild, definitely messy with those perfect natural summer highlights. 



For the boys:

The style is a little messy, a little long, and a little shaggy. Sooo cute and easy for everyday and on the go.



High Schoolers and College (oh and everybody else too):

Don't be scared to try the blunt yet soft bob sitting below your chin and above your shoulders. Give this look a little edge by adding a bang. There are many versions of bangs/fringe that your stylist and you can really personalize. Ask your stylist to analyze your face shape and consider your personal style (it’s ok to break some face shape rules if it works with your personal style).

You can try chunky, choppy, pixie, or blunt bangs; whatever you want but just TRY IT!  Not into bangs, NBD! This length is so fresh no bangs are required. Don't wanna go too short, you don't have to. In order to get this ultra cool girl hair you can have it cut anywhere between the collar bone and the chin. It will still work! 


Another fun fall look is the “pixie” which encompasses most short styles for women. As scary as the pixie may sound it is having a revival. And this revival has never been less scary, and more sexy! It's all very much part of this 90's thing that has been happening. You want this to be cut with a lot of texture and an element of shagginess, or blunt and heavy. Once those elements are part of the haircut foundation you can style it in multiple ways. Messy and edgy, soft and sweet, or classic and polished. The new pixie is extremely versatile and feminine with the perfect touch of 90's. This is and easy transition if you’re the badass that shaved your head this summer.

And if you are not feeling ready to do the chop chop. Maybe its time for a fresh new color or an enhancement of your natural color.


If you have been having your highlights done with foils, try Hair Painting or Balayage. It’s a perfect way to balance the natural look you are looking for with a "less done” feel and no line of demarcation in between salon visits. Perfect to tone down the bleached out summer blonde highlights. 

On the other end of the spectrum for fall looks we have the bold colors. If you are naturally a brunette, try a deep blue or dark green for a little moodiness. But if you are naturally a little lighter than a brunette, try anything on the red spectrum, for example: orange, coral, peach, yellow, or red/orange. 


Commitment-phobe and just feel like richening up your color? Try a semi-permanent color. It adds a ton of shine and and washes out within a few months. Perfect for fall so that once spring rolls around again, it’s so easy to just pop some balayage pieces right back in without having to lighten through permanent color.



Now as for styling your back to school hair. 

After you've hit snooze 15 times and you literally have 5 minutes to get ready these are your must haves to get you looking good super fast.

-Shower Cap (jump in the shower but no need to wash your hair!)

-Dry shampoo (thank god for dry shampoo!)

-Micro fiber towel (if you must wash your hair this will speed up the drying process, with way less frizz)

-Silk hair wrap (wear this to bed to keep hair clean and tangle free while preserving your blow out)

-curling iron (just remember less is more; you want your curls to be barely there)



If you have long hair try hair accessories; tie a black ribbon or a metal hair clip around a low ponytail or at the end of a braid. This is the time to let your natural texture shine, so try not to use as many styling tools on your hair.

If your hair is curly use a little Davines Curl Serum and let it air dry. Then really shake it out or even delicately brush a few of the curls to have a super soft beachy texture.

If you have straight hair (short or long) use Davines Dry Texturizing Spray or Sea Salt Spray to rough it up a little. This will give you that messy undone vibe. 


As you can see the main trend for fall 2017 back to school is to have fun with your hair! Chop it. Crop it. Grow it. Color it. Keep it EAZY! 

Heat Styling | By Tiffany

Heat Styling | By Tiffany 


Is perfectly polished hair an everyday look for you or just want to look your best for a night out? 

Properly protecting your hair from heat damage is a must!  Blow drying, curling, and flat-ironing can make your hair look picture perfect, but taking precautions to damaged hair is crucial when styling with heat. 

Start with the basics… after shampooing your hair with sulfate free shampoo, and using moisturizing conditioner, always set the base with a leave-in conditioner.  Whether using heat tools or letting hair naturally dry… using a leave in such as one of our favorite products- Davines’ Oi Milk, creates a nice pallet for when the hair dries.  

Heat protectants come in 3 forms- sprays, creams, and serums.  It is typically applied to clean, damp hair.  Creams and serums are used before blow-dries and you can also choose the amount of hold you’d like from different products.  Sprays can be used both wet and dry, but best before using hot iron tools. Coating the hair will not only protect the hair , but can create longevity in the style.  Try Davines’ relaxing Fluid which is a serum:

or Davines’ Melu Hair Shield Spray:

A quality powerful blow dryer can make a world of difference – it can cut your blow drying time down drastically without frying your hair.  A dryer with a tourmaline ionic feature is extremely helpful to achieve a good blow out.  It emits negative ions that breakdown water molecules on the hair shaft, which means hair will dry faster, smoother, and with less damage.  Many blow dryers come with attachments such as a concentrator or a diffuser which I recommend people use.  Concentrators are the narrow tips you add-on to the nozzle that directs the air to flow into a focused area.  It helps gain control over frizzy flyaway hair while smoothing hair more efficiently.  Diffusers are a cup-like attachment that distributes air flow evenly and is ideal for wavy/curly hair. It allows the hair to dry quickly without disturbing its natural form.  Choosing a light-weight dryer can make styling easier as well.                   

Curling irons and Flat irons should be ceramic or tourmaline plated for maximum protection from damage.  Getting hot iron tools that have settings for temperature levels is very important if you have fine, chemically processed, or compromised hair.  2 main types of curling tools are irons and wands.  Curling irons come with a clasp and clamp the hair giving it a more voluminous look while a curling wand is used by wrapping the hair around the barrel resulting in a more natural look such as “beachy waves.”  You can always use your curling iron as a wand for versatility as well.  Flat irons should glide smoothly and never snag your hair. Always adjust the heat setting to the right temperature according to your hair type. 

*keep in mind- the hair around the hairline (sideburns,  temples, nape near neckline) is finer than the rest of the hair so it doesn’t require as much heat to style.   

There are other heat styling tools such as hot rollers and heat hair brushes, but no matter what you use, being mindful of how OFTEN you’re putting heat and how MUCH heat you are using can really make the different between healthy and dry, frizzy hair.  

 Price might be a factor when choosing your styling tools- you don’t need to pick the most expensive ones, but keep in mind they are designed to last a long time, and will only benefit your hair strength in the long run. 

Deep conditioning with protein twice a month and keeping up on regular trims is absolutely necessary to maintain your ends in its best condition.  Try Davines’ Hair Building Pak that nourishes, restores, and builds resistance to damage and come into the Hive Salon to get trimmed up at least 4 times a year -think seasonally!                

Bottom line… being aware of all the things discussed can assure that you can have perfectly primed hair without the risk and any sacrifice!  

To Learn More About Tiffany, Click Here




Grooving Into The Summer : Tips to Get Your Hair UV Ready | By Lissa

Grooving Into The Summer : Tips to Get Your Hair UV Ready | By Lissa

We often make the mistake that sun rays can only hurt when they're beaming bright and insanely hot! But those ultra violet rays are sneakier than you’d think, even when it's a cloudy day in an urban environment! Here are suggestions on how to fight against UV damage to keep your hair vibrant and keep you having fun all summer long! 

If you're enjoying dips in and out of the pool regularly you need to protect your hair before and after from chlorine. Chlorine mixed with sun will act like bleach and eat away at your hair strand and hair color, same goes with salt water and sun. If your hair is highlighted or naturally fine and/or blonde, I highly recommend wearing a hat or wrapping your hair in a scarf or bandana during the day when the sun is the strongest. 

Another way to add extra defense to your hair (and skin) is to add natural oils that offer SPF protection from the sun. A few of my favorites are: coconut oil (spf 4-10), jojoba oil (spf 4) and red raspberry seed oil (spf 28-50)! You can combine one or more of these oils to your shampoo & conditioner or create a delightful spray potion of safe sun guard that anyone in your family can confidently use. Ensure that they’re organic cold pressed virgin oils as they maintain the most nutritional components. 

Happy Summering!! 

To see photos of Lissa's work behind the chair check out her instagram at: @shecutyourhair 

Photos sourced from Pinterest! 

Festival Season Hair | By Isadora

Festival Season Hair | By Isadora

Festival season is coming soon and there are a lot of style statements to be made! How you add your own unique twist to your festi-hair is up to you, and will put you on the festival field with the menagerie of this year's style setters.  

Wild waves and beautiful braids are always a pretty and practical approach. Simple dutch braids that stay in place for rocking out to your favorite bands and DJ's are always a hit. If you want a more organic look, then go for a textured braid crown that is stable to stay in place yet has a softer side. Adding Davines texturizing dust is a great way to soften and add texture to a braid! 


Another huge trend that you will undoubtedly see this year at music festivals are Space Buns!  Incredibly easy to and fierce to rock with any outfit! These are tight little buns that are hair-tied or bobby-pinned to the top corners of your head. Another space bun style is to wear a loose bun on the very top of your head, either with all of your hair up or half up/half down. For extra pizzazz you can dust some glitter on your part line to make it look like sparkly roots. How fun is that? Get creative and rock the space buns, because the future is now!

Hair color and style in the photo above by Jennie Bowen at The Hive LA

Hair color and style in the photo above by Jennie Bowen at The Hive LA


For all the handsome gentlemen attending festivals this year there is something special for you too, hair tattoos! Add some personalized flare to you hair by cutting in an original hair tattoo of your choice and style. This is a great option because it can be quite temporary as it will grow back in in 2-3 weeks, or can be cut down again when you have to go back to work after your festival.  If you want to rock it for more than one festival, then you can color it to make it stand out amongst the crowds! Perfect for anyone with short hair to make a bold statement!

air Tattoos and color design in the photos above by Isadora McKenna at The Hive LA

air Tattoos and color design in the photos above by Isadora McKenna at The Hive LA


Express yourself this festival season by going above and beyond with dope hairstyles that showcase your wild side so that you can be the Weekend Warrior you've always wanted to be. Have fun, rock out and be safe out there! Don't forget that with all this creative hair styling that its important to protect your hair strands! I recommend Davines Oi beautifying potion oil and Oi milk for conditioning and UV protective qualities!

Blog post and hair tattoo photos by Isadora! Book her online by clicking "Search Appointments" 

You can see more of Isadora's work on her Instagram: @isadoraduzzit

Other photos sourced from Pinterest 

Spring Hair Color Trend: Hygge | By Ash

Spring Hair Color Trend: Hygge | By Ash


The new color trend this spring is all about embracing warmth and adding other colors to your hair that help enhance your natural color! This season we welcome the warmth that lives naturally in our hair. Warmth in hair can have various interpretations and tones, the most popular being; beige, golden, copper, and reddish. 

This spring 2017 hair trend goes pretty well with current buzzword "hygge" (pronounced hue-ga) a Danish word which means feeling warm and cozy. Here are a few pictures that show how pretty it can be to embrace warmth!

Blog post and all photos by Ash! Book him online by clicking "Search Appointments" 

You can see more of his work on this Instagram @ashdemode #hairbyashdemode



Gold & Beige

Gold & Beige

Copper & Gold

Copper & Gold

Red & Copper

Copper, Gold & Beige





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