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Grooving Into The Summer : Tips to Get Your Hair UV Ready | By Lissa

Grooving Into The Summer : Tips to Get Your Hair UV Ready | By Lissa

We often make the mistake that sun rays can only hurt when they're beaming bright and insanely hot! But those ultra violet rays are sneakier than you’d think, even when it's a cloudy day in an urban environment! Here are suggestions on how to fight against UV damage to keep your hair vibrant and keep you having fun all summer long! 

If you're enjoying dips in and out of the pool regularly you need to protect your hair before and after from chlorine. Chlorine mixed with sun will act like bleach and eat away at your hair strand and hair color, same goes with salt water and sun. If your hair is highlighted or naturally fine and/or blonde, I highly recommend wearing a hat or wrapping your hair in a scarf or bandana during the day when the sun is the strongest. 

Another way to add extra defense to your hair (and skin) is to add natural oils that offer SPF protection from the sun. A few of my favorites are: coconut oil (spf 4-10), jojoba oil (spf 4) and red raspberry seed oil (spf 28-50)! You can combine one or more of these oils to your shampoo & conditioner or create a delightful spray potion of safe sun guard that anyone in your family can confidently use. Ensure that they’re organic cold pressed virgin oils as they maintain the most nutritional components. 

Happy Summering!! 

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