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Heat Styling | By Tiffany

Heat Styling | By Tiffany 


Is perfectly polished hair an everyday look for you or just want to look your best for a night out? 

Properly protecting your hair from heat damage is a must!  Blow drying, curling, and flat-ironing can make your hair look picture perfect, but taking precautions to damaged hair is crucial when styling with heat. 

Start with the basics… after shampooing your hair with sulfate free shampoo, and using moisturizing conditioner, always set the base with a leave-in conditioner.  Whether using heat tools or letting hair naturally dry… using a leave in such as one of our favorite products- Davines’ Oi Milk, creates a nice pallet for when the hair dries.  

Heat protectants come in 3 forms- sprays, creams, and serums.  It is typically applied to clean, damp hair.  Creams and serums are used before blow-dries and you can also choose the amount of hold you’d like from different products.  Sprays can be used both wet and dry, but best before using hot iron tools. Coating the hair will not only protect the hair , but can create longevity in the style.  Try Davines’ relaxing Fluid which is a serum:

or Davines’ Melu Hair Shield Spray:

A quality powerful blow dryer can make a world of difference – it can cut your blow drying time down drastically without frying your hair.  A dryer with a tourmaline ionic feature is extremely helpful to achieve a good blow out.  It emits negative ions that breakdown water molecules on the hair shaft, which means hair will dry faster, smoother, and with less damage.  Many blow dryers come with attachments such as a concentrator or a diffuser which I recommend people use.  Concentrators are the narrow tips you add-on to the nozzle that directs the air to flow into a focused area.  It helps gain control over frizzy flyaway hair while smoothing hair more efficiently.  Diffusers are a cup-like attachment that distributes air flow evenly and is ideal for wavy/curly hair. It allows the hair to dry quickly without disturbing its natural form.  Choosing a light-weight dryer can make styling easier as well.                   

Curling irons and Flat irons should be ceramic or tourmaline plated for maximum protection from damage.  Getting hot iron tools that have settings for temperature levels is very important if you have fine, chemically processed, or compromised hair.  2 main types of curling tools are irons and wands.  Curling irons come with a clasp and clamp the hair giving it a more voluminous look while a curling wand is used by wrapping the hair around the barrel resulting in a more natural look such as “beachy waves.”  You can always use your curling iron as a wand for versatility as well.  Flat irons should glide smoothly and never snag your hair. Always adjust the heat setting to the right temperature according to your hair type. 

*keep in mind- the hair around the hairline (sideburns,  temples, nape near neckline) is finer than the rest of the hair so it doesn’t require as much heat to style.   

There are other heat styling tools such as hot rollers and heat hair brushes, but no matter what you use, being mindful of how OFTEN you’re putting heat and how MUCH heat you are using can really make the different between healthy and dry, frizzy hair.  

 Price might be a factor when choosing your styling tools- you don’t need to pick the most expensive ones, but keep in mind they are designed to last a long time, and will only benefit your hair strength in the long run. 

Deep conditioning with protein twice a month and keeping up on regular trims is absolutely necessary to maintain your ends in its best condition.  Try Davines’ Hair Building Pak that nourishes, restores, and builds resistance to damage and come into the Hive Salon to get trimmed up at least 4 times a year -think seasonally!                

Bottom line… being aware of all the things discussed can assure that you can have perfectly primed hair without the risk and any sacrifice!  

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