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tease. rat. backcomb | By Marie & Ash

tease. rat. backcomb | By Marie & Ash



Whatever you choose to call it, backcombing is a great base for many styles ranging from subtle to extreme. Halloween is just around the corner and although it may seem straight forward, knowing a few tricks can really help you achieve your desired look. When backcombing is done correctly, and with care, you can get maximum volume, drama, and texture while eliminating the risk of damage.


For extra fullness, start by shampooing with Davines VOLU shampoo, towl dry and prep with the VOLU volume mist. Hair must be dried thoroughly before beginning your backcombing. You can choose to utilize your natural texture or play with flat ironing, curling, and crimping.  


If you chose to use irons, we recommend looking back at Tiffany's post on heat styling.


Depending on how fine or wide your comb, combined with how tight the backcomb, you can achieve many looks and varied fullness.


Have fun playing with height and shape.


Here are a couple videos with great tips and techniques to pick and chose from depending on your style goals. 


Lastly, don’t forget to always comb out your style starting from the ends and working up to your root!


Festival Season Hair | By Isadora

Festival Season Hair | By Isadora

Festival season is coming soon and there are a lot of style statements to be made! How you add your own unique twist to your festi-hair is up to you, and will put you on the festival field with the menagerie of this year's style setters.  

Wild waves and beautiful braids are always a pretty and practical approach. Simple dutch braids that stay in place for rocking out to your favorite bands and DJ's are always a hit. If you want a more organic look, then go for a textured braid crown that is stable to stay in place yet has a softer side. Adding Davines texturizing dust is a great way to soften and add texture to a braid! 


Another huge trend that you will undoubtedly see this year at music festivals are Space Buns!  Incredibly easy to and fierce to rock with any outfit! These are tight little buns that are hair-tied or bobby-pinned to the top corners of your head. Another space bun style is to wear a loose bun on the very top of your head, either with all of your hair up or half up/half down. For extra pizzazz you can dust some glitter on your part line to make it look like sparkly roots. How fun is that? Get creative and rock the space buns, because the future is now!

Hair color and style in the photo above by Jennie Bowen at The Hive LA

Hair color and style in the photo above by Jennie Bowen at The Hive LA


For all the handsome gentlemen attending festivals this year there is something special for you too, hair tattoos! Add some personalized flare to you hair by cutting in an original hair tattoo of your choice and style. This is a great option because it can be quite temporary as it will grow back in in 2-3 weeks, or can be cut down again when you have to go back to work after your festival.  If you want to rock it for more than one festival, then you can color it to make it stand out amongst the crowds! Perfect for anyone with short hair to make a bold statement!

air Tattoos and color design in the photos above by Isadora McKenna at The Hive LA

air Tattoos and color design in the photos above by Isadora McKenna at The Hive LA


Express yourself this festival season by going above and beyond with dope hairstyles that showcase your wild side so that you can be the Weekend Warrior you've always wanted to be. Have fun, rock out and be safe out there! Don't forget that with all this creative hair styling that its important to protect your hair strands! I recommend Davines Oi beautifying potion oil and Oi milk for conditioning and UV protective qualities!

Blog post and hair tattoo photos by Isadora! Book her online by clicking "Search Appointments" 

You can see more of Isadora's work on her Instagram: @isadoraduzzit

Other photos sourced from Pinterest 

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